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Thank you so much for the brilliant service you have given my son. You have taken so much care in providing him with his hearing aids and making sure they are right, and providing a replacement so quickly. It’s lovely to get such care and efficient service and we are grateful to you. Thank you.

Service user
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Paediatric Audiology

The paediatric audiology team is located in New Street Health Centre, Barnsley. We provide audiological assessments and support for children from birth to school leaving age.

Our services include:

  • Hearing assessment clinic
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT), consultant-led clinics
  • Hearing aid assessment appointments
  • School hearing screening service for 4/5 year old children

Hearing assessments are performed by qualified audiologists in a state of the art paediatric audiological testing room.

Results and further investigations are discussed in consultations with doctors/consultants.

Children who require a hearing aid are issued with the latest digital technology and we will continue to update this and provide care until they reach adulthood.

Our service aims to:

  • Provide hearing assessments within set time constraints
  • Identify and manage any hearing problem found
  • Through early intervention, help to achieve improvements in a child’s developmental milestones


Why would someone choose our service?

  • Diagnostic tests and assessments are undertaken by qualified staff in a way which follows guidelines from relevant expert and professional bodies
  • 100% of parents felt their child’s privacy and dignity was maintained at all times (patient and public involvement questionnaire March 2014)
  • Early diagnosis and intervention helps to achieve improvements in children’s developmental milestones and enables them to reach their potential
  • 100% of parents said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend the service to friends and family (patient and public involvement questionnaire September 2014)
  • All permanent childhood hearing loss (PCHI) children are offered and fitted with a modern digital hearing instrument (hearing aid) within 2 weeks of confirmation of hearing loss by the consultant.


To find out more about the paediatric audiology team explore the pages in the menu on the left or visit South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s website